Tanja Šljivar & Tamara Antonijević

The Hag Theory & How to Spin an Endometrium

Text, fanzine, reading-performance (ca. 20 minutes)
Illustrations: Zuzana Žabková and Nik Timková

As a continuation of Björnsonova’s collective work on the topic of divination and witches and the practice of augmenting art objects, Tamara Antonijević and Tanja Šljivar develop texts, reading performances and fanzines to tackle one witch with endometriotic superpowers and almost all the hags of the world.

The hag lingers, the witch’s endometriosis lingers – they are both here to stay.

Tanja Šljivar is a Belgrade-based playwright interested in the role and position of the text in different media, formats and systems of representation.

Tamara Antonijević, currently based in Berlin, writes and works as a dramaturge and artistic collaborator in theatre, performance and the visual arts, focusing on the role of the text in the collective process.